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Weichert Realty

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William Yarbrough


Responsive Web

I was tasked with updating the Weichert Realty web interface, which focused on renting long-term furnished apartments. In creating the new design, I focused on emphasizing the brand of the modern, high-end corporate housing group in Manhattan while also creating a website that would generate new leads for sales staff.

After extensive research into their existing client base and on-site visits, we discovered new and distinct personas to help Weichert Realty grow their business: An influx of Brazilian business people and students—as well as decision makers at large companies—formed a significant new clientele.

In an attempt to target this younger, more tech-savvy audience, we created visual design templates to highlight strong photography, amenities, and neighborhood info to create an entirely “New York experience.” I recommended that the client highlight discounted units, implement stronger calls-to-action, and localize (and hyper-localize) content to better tap into the growing Brazilian market.

Wiechert Realty’s business development group spent less time fielding calls for simple information and more time building new business relationships and increasing sales from Brazil.

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