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William Yarbrough



I was first tasked with designing a native OS-integrated version of the popular web-based comments widget for integration into client mobile app. This presented myriad challenges, around performance and refactoring as well as syncing relevant content between the web and app versions and pushing upgrades for both the client’s app and our portion of it.

I suggested an alternative: responsively designed comments. This solution had the added bonus of improving the interface on mobile devices without the development of widgets for multiple OS types. I presented user research from multiple sources, developed multiple HTML and CSS prototypes and tested models with users. The result was a version of the comment functionality that supported user habits found in research.

Our user research told us what the users were asking for, enabling us to design for their consumptive habits and streamline the functionality. The resulting mobile web comments widget was a major success, taking off with major clients in Europe and breaking into previously unexplored mobile implementation.

As work commenced on making other popular social widgets mobile-ready, we discovered that many clients were asking for our new, “fast comments widget.” In the course of redesigning for the mobile experience, we discovered that speed was a major limiting factor in our design, spurring a push for greater performance in our widgets.

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