Jin Jin Loyalty Application

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Sr. Designer

William Yarbrough



A USA-based startup funded by Chinese investors wanted to localize an app for Chinese users and their buying habits. Our group consisted of cross-functional teams in both the U.S. and China and part of the challenge was helping engineering and design teams in the two countries communicate effectively.

Working with IDEO Shanghai to get in-depth focus group data, I devised user and merchant workflows and tested the result with everyday users in China.

Data from focus groups and real-user personas led to extensive workflows (extending even beyond the application itself) and touch points within the entire ecosystem. We devised an application with a stellar experience to keep users engaged and brands happy.

To address cross-functional team issues, we used collaborative software to present design solutions without the need for extensive translation and employed in-depth user research to redesign workflows appropriate for Chinese users.

The application saw adoption of over 40,000 users on Chinese university campuses in the first month.

Major worldwide brands used the platform to break into the Chinese market, driving adoption up to four million users.

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