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Sr. Designer

William Yarbrough



A new startup wanted to develop a tool to let website owners add useful extra content to blog posts, web commerce pages, and other parts of their sites. The goal was to let them do this from the client-side without requiring backend modifications.

I used focus groups and research from users across a variety of market segments to develop a MVP that created new, unique engagements. I wrote extensive UX test scripts, ran scenarios with product prototypes, and helped direct extensive user testing studies throughout the product lifecycle.

This project presented many challenges in both technology and performance. Heavy use of client-side JS meant page performance was an important design consideration. I also had to consider a variety of visual design styles to find a balance between engagement (to encourage users to interact) while also creating something sufficiently generic-looking to fit in as part of a whole.

Large product brands used the tool to effectively engage thought leaders in the content space by presenting product offerings, curated by content producers to previously unexplored market segments in their readership.

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