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William Yarbrough



CapitalOne wanted to redesign their home loan offerings to better appeal to their existing customers while also explaining refinancing and first-time home buying in a clear, painless way.

After extensive in-person interviews, I put together a large experience mapping of the customer mindset, touch point, and journey of a user through the entirety of the home loan and refinance processes. This lead into a redesign of the web experience to help exisiting customers.

After gap analysis, I re-architected the home loan website to better interface with software tools and calculators built by CapitalOne. The massively simplified site architecture better reflected the needs of the personas identified in generative research, while acting as a responsive knowledge base that exisiting CapitalOne customers could come back to again and again through the touch point of the process.

The client saw an increase in home mortgages and refinances in both their existing customer base and new customers, attracted by promoting the website’s tools.

Customer satisfaction surveys also showed an increase in customer happiness with the home mortgage process.

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