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Grupo Bursátil Mexicano

Sr. Designer

William Yarbrough



I was tasked with creating a web interface that would help change the way many of GBM’s Mexican clients thought about investing. After extensive research, I found that user trust increased when the goals of the investment were brought to the forefront of the conversation.

Working with a consulting team in Mexico City, we learned that stocks and bonds didn’t inspire users. What did? Knowing they were saving for their children’s education, a new house, or their retirement.

Research into saving and buying habits led us to change the dashboard to be simple, inviting and intuitive—removing the pressure and uncertainty of the stock market, while still delivering useful intelligence.

Goals were what resonated the most. By giving users a clear and defined reason to grow their wealth, they were more likely to invest in portfolios that matched their needs; users felt personally tied to their investments and wanted to add more funds consistently to keep their goals on track.

The client saw a 50% increase in new signups for investments among young banking customers (18-35 year old demographic).

After 6 months, 86% of new users were continuing to grow their investment goals. 

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