Content Performance

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WP Engine

Sr. Designer

William Yarbrough



Leaders at WP Engine wanted to explore new software products to differentiate themselves in the marketplace and surface their data in useful ways for hosting customers.

After creating a HTML prototype and loading real data into the system, I performed a hybrid of user validation tests and user interviews with dozens of large publishers and brands-as-publishers to determine what features would constitute a successful MVP product to market.

Affinity diagramming the insights gave us a solid user-validated roadmap for product development and we further user tested updated wireframes. The development team then used these wireframes to begin production.

Detailed designs were compiled into a demo video, which was used to interview users about pricing and packaging models for the new feature and also as a sales and demo tool for conferences and new business development.

Content Performance is slated to increase MRR by 16% year-over-year as an addition to top-tier hosting plans for a variety of large publishers and brands-as-publishers.

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