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William Yarbrough

What I do

I’m an Austin-based designer with a knack for research and a passion for testing through a user-centered design approach. I take great pride in the UX solutions I help devise and the products that I help craft for users.

After starting my career in agency work, I worked for a variety of software houses: from a tiny Chinese-centric startup to Global 500 companies. In the last few years I’ve been heavily focused in client services, working with a wide variety of users in a wide variety of markets. I’m currently directing product design internally for a high-growth Austin company.

I also make my own furniture, brew beer, and watch old Kung-Fu movies in my spare time; so I got that goin’ for me, which is nice.

My philosophy

Working as either an individual contributor or a team leader, I act as an integral part of a project group or as a UX coach, teaching clients and advising teams on best practices and key research findings. My strengths really shine in strategic work, though I’m also well versed when it comes to rolling up my sleeves for tactical work.

Over the past decade of my career, I’ve been a firm believer in helping to build a strong local community and, as such, I am a core member of both Refresh Austin (a multidisciplinary meetup for professionals who work on the web in broad capacity) and the User Experience Professionals Association (UXPA).

I’m often working on new talks and presentations in my spare time and love sharing new findings, research methods, and designs with others. I am a tireless advocate for practice development at my workplace, as I believe that cross-pollination of ideas inevitably leads to better, more well-rounded products and services and encourages the passionately curious to create.



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